Saturday, July 13, 2019

2 Flights

Two women were travelling solo, on their way to speak at a conference in LA Julie wore her hair in a pony, thick glasses, a black pencil skirt with a blazer jacket. She sat awaiting the boarding call for flight 107 at 9:13 pm. Calm, relaxed and indulged in a book she waited.
Tammy paced back and forth, nervously replaying her speech in her mind. She was afraid that she booked a flight too late and wished that she had cut her meeting short in order to catch the 7:03 flight. She was wearing long navy blue dress pants with a crisp white linen shirt. Her blonde hair was perfectly in place and her makeup was flawless.
At 8:33 the call came for first class to load the plane. Both women stood up preparing to board shortly after. A call came over the loudspeaker informing the passengers that the flight was overbooked and they asked for 5 volunteers to take the next plane.
Julie ran through the agenda of the event and knew that she would be late if she took the next plane. She sat back down and buried her nose in her book again. Tammy became ridden with anxiety and tensed up. She also knew that she needed to be on the plane and moved to the front to make sure that she was going to get a seat. She cursed herself and promised to fly first class in the future.
The next round of people was asked to board, seniors, disabled persons and families.
Tammy watched as people with wheelchairs, walkers and strollers went down the ramp towards the plane. She was pushed beyond her limits and exploded in rage towards the lady in charge of loading the plane. "Do you know who I am"? She shouted? I am on my way to speak at one of the most important events in history and I cannot wait for the next plane, I demand to be seated right now."
The lady behind the desk sat up a little bit taller and squared her shoulders while clearing her throat. She told Tammy that she understood her frustration and that they were doing the best they could to load the plane and take off on time. She asked her to sit back and wait until she was asked to board.
They made a second request for volunteers to stand down from their flight. They offered a hotel room and a $500 gift voucher with the airline.

Calling the next round of passengers, Tammy pushed and shoved passed everyone and handed her passport to the employee. Without a glance in their direction or a thank you, she grabbed it back, tucked it in her purse and walked briskly towards the plane. She was annoyed to discover a large man sitting in the outside aisle that she had to walk over to get to her seat.
He said hello and offered his hand towards her telling her his name was Marti...... She interrupted him and told him that she did not wish to know his name or speak to him for the entire flight. She put on her earbuds and turned up her tunes drowning out any of the noise around her.
Back in the waiting room, Julie was having a conversation with Father God. She prayed to him asking if she was meant to take flight 107? She really wanted to arrive at LAX that evening and be prepared for the opening of the conference in the morning but she knew all to well that her Father often had other plans.
Julie knew that she was not meant to be on the flight and offered to give up her seat. She took the hotel and began her journey to check in. A cab pulled in for her and as she went to open the door a child touched her hand and the handle at the same time.
Taken by surprise she stepped back and he apologized and began to run. Julie yelled to him to stop and offered to split the cab fare.
When the cab began to drive, the young man shared his story with her. He had run away from home and was going to join the circus. He heard the circus was in Seattle and he was on his way to audition.
Julie listened as he shared the pain and hurt that had taken place in his 15 short years on the planet. His Mom and Dad divorced when he was young and sent him back in forth between them as he was an inconvenience to their working lives. His Mom remarried and no longer wanted him and his Dad worked 80 hours a week at his Law Firm.
He told her that neither one of them even noticed he was gone and that no one would care.
Curious, she pulled out her phone and googled current news. Sure enough, this boy was in the missing children report and his father had offered a reward if anyone shared information that led to his whereabouts.
Julie knew why she had given up her seat in the plane and thanked God that he set her up in the taxi. She asked him when the last time was he had eaten and he couldn't recall.

To be continues....

Photo credits to: Photo by Mathieu Perrier on Unsplash

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Overcoming Fear

Today I faced a fear that has had a hold on me for most of my adult life. The night before I shared it with a small group of woman and a few of them prayed for me today.

As I read my bible passage, my fear was reduced and the words were just what I needed to hear.

5We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 

When I began the journey of difficulty I was facing God was not in my life. I prayed for courage and that God's will be carried out on this day and went forward to the meeting that I feared.

In the end, it all worked out and I was given what I had asked for. I had the courage to stand up and speak and there was no argument, peace prevailed.

Blessed are we who have the Lord in our hearts and for those that may read this that don't please know, it is never too late. I write this so if you are weary or afraid, you to will rise up and stand strong for that in which you know is right.

2 Flights

Two women were travelling solo, on their way to speak at a conference in LA Julie wore her hair in a pony, thick glasses, a black pencil ski...